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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2012 4:18am-4:48am PST

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report. we recognize that the analysis was done via g.p.s. the practical realities of our street is it simply is not as big as it appears in the report. i'd like to orient you to the pictures we have in appendix a. we had a honda accord trying out the three-point turn that was indicated was possible in the city's report. a small vehicle, honda accord, was only able to do a five-point turn. we also have in the city's report, that, based on the loading dock that exists at our building as well as entrance points in other buildings, it would be possible for troosk -- traffic to move past. you can see what it actually looks like. we're concerned that outreach from the developer only began last friday and we were only able to meet on monday. we would like a greater exchange of information with the developer and our concerned citizens.
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thank you. president miguel:q thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is jerry wolf and i have a three unit building on decatur vete that i've had since 1987 and i want to start by saying something off the cuff but there's an old story called david and goliath and that fits this bill. you heard about -- i don't know if it's hundreds of thousands of square feet but it's a hell of a lot of square feet. this is a huge project and i am standing before you today as ms. horn was and we have two minutes to talk to you about it. that is an outrage because we weren't notified about the details until september and we couldn't get a meeting with the developer. we tried to meet with the building manager. the first meeting was monday to be honest with you and we didn't get very far and all we're
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saying is imagine the property that you own in san francisco and that tomorrow a building the size of 888 brannan is going to take a little alley street that all of us bought our property -- i developed that property in 1989, the first live-work space as the code was written for san francisco for my building. i built it on that block because i didn't want to build it on brannan or bryant but i wanted it to be a little street but once they change it to be a thoroughfare into that parking lot, it's never going to be the same again. even though they're only doing 31 parking places, in our figuring, when you consider entrances, exits, activities during the day, we figured 100 trips back and forth down decatur street during a day and that doesn't count the 24-hour card key access they plan leaving the lot to be operational 24 hours a day by
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card key. i talked yesterday and i'm going to run out of time but i talked yesterday to rich sucray, the preservation planner and without putting words into his mouth, he admitted to me that he thought there was a gray area that without cutting a new hole into the side of that building, into that facade on eighth street, if you look at this photograph right here, i'll show you the better photograph first. there are portals -- i'll move back over. could i have one more minute? >> you have 30 seconds. >> that basically is a portal of which they plan to do changes to those all along the eighth street side. they'll do reglazing and bronze anidized aluminum. the idea is, that there is a two foot pete of concrete on the bottom that's 15 1/2 inches long
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and only one parking space that would have to go away. imagine disney land and main street in disney land from 1910, you could make a garage door that looks like the surrounding material and you could put a garage door in. i want to know if that can be examined. don't you think it's outrageous i only get two minutes. president miguel: you get two minutes like everyone else. sarcaseian, jim lewis, michael theroux. >> goods evening, commissioners. my name is. t'gnx sarkus sarcas, chair person for the tenants association at the 888 brannan. our non-profit organization represents 106 small businesses in the gift center and jewelry mart where approximately 85% of the existing businesses in the
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building. when the new owners, 888 brannan l.p. took over the property and announced their plans for the current relocation and construction project, the tenants of the building were very concerned and skeptical. the tenants had just experienced a grueling two years and had a bad experience with the previous owners who did not show an understanding of how to manage the property. for the past few months, our steering committee has met with the owners and representatives of the landlord and discussed their plans in detail. we have asked many questions and raised many concerns. we did not meet eye-to-eye on everything but at the end of the day, the owners approached our discussions with a sincere
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effort, transparency and understanding. more importantly, they gave realistic expectations for the project and made every effort to address our concerns. among other things, the owners have articulated their commitment to supporting our very small but vibrant manufacturing community. allocated a robust marketing budget and promised a fresh air atrium that is welcomed by all the tenants and their employees. although it did not start off this way, today, on behalf of the tenants association, i stand before you in full support of this project and for the sake of the small businesses we represent, we ask that you help expedite this project. thank you very much. president miguel: thank you. >> can i leave my remarks? president miguel: certainly, just leave them on the railing.0
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>> commissioners, my name is jim lewis. i own a small business. i've been in that building for 25 years. i am also a member of the steering committee of the tenants committee. i had a lot of skepticism and a lot of concerns with the new ownership about the renovation of the building. initially, i wasn't too happy but today i am a very happy man. they have worked with us. they have bent over backwards to accommodate us and we see a possible great future for us when this program is completed and i certainly am hoping that you will be as supportive as we all are, as well. thank you. president miguel: thank you. >> commissioners, michael theriault. we were supportive of this project in its earlier
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incarnation and remain supportive of the project. the decatur street issue is an answer to a mandate from the historic preservation commission. it seems nonnegotiable at this point. just as before, i will say we look forward to the possibility of displaying our skill on this project. the window restoration, in being it, i think is something we can do an excellent job with. and we believe it's now a commercially viable project that can actually happen which is another thing we look forward to in these difficult times. mr. kingsley, i know, from past experience, has always been great about outreach. i've even heard the anti-displacement coalition praise him for his diveelings them. i ask you to move this project forward. thank you. president miguel: thank you. is there additional public component this item?
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>> sue hester. staff knows my comments but i got the staff report and i was familiar with the prior approval and so i tried to understand how the two approvals worked together. found it very difficult because the motion for the prior approval was not in your packet and the case no. for this erroneously is the old case no., that you should change your case number in the record to being 2011.0583ebu, not not the old case no., 2009 number. i asked mr. teague for a simple graph saying, ok, i have to understand, this is two different projects, altering one building. and how -- what are the floors in the two buildings. the summary on page one of the summary doesn't tell you
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anything and so you have to go to the summary of page one of the motion -- pardon me -- the summary in the motion and i started doing my own chart and i said, ok, number one, is this any floors, are these particular floors in 870 and 850, number two, these particular floors in 870. that should be basic information presented in a complicated case. when you have a complicated case on a building like this and pardon me, i'm cynical because of experience -- things fall in the cracks and particularly things have fallen in the cracks on payment of fees in the past because it's ambiguous and people do not always convert the entire buildingçú7:tlí at once. and i've been the person that has tried to make sure that the transit and housing fees have been paid over a long period of time, over 30 years. so, if you don't have a simple chart that explains simply what is going on, it falls away. so i would ask that in the
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future, staff uses the correct case no. on the report, in something that is, ok, you got an approval two years ago for these many floors, these buildings, and this is different, you say, ok, this is this and this is -- in a simple chart. i shouldn't have to construct it by hand by digging through the report to find it. and the other thing that i'm really wary of is that there really be a tracking mechanism that the fees are paid the minute they are due. this is an enormous project. and the number of tenants that are going to be at this site are going to put a demand on affordable housing because not everyone will be able to afford housing as though they're millionaires, as well as on transit. this area needs improved transit and the transit fee and housing
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fee are really important as well as the neighborhoods fee so pay attention to this so it is not simple permit and people forget about the fees later on because it happens all the time. thank you. president miguel: thank you. is there additional public component this item? if not, public comment is closed. commissioner sugaya? commissioner sugaya: yes, to staff, is there a traffic transportation egress-ingress issue, curb cut issue, on having a garage entrance on eighth? >> corey teague for staff. the main issue about putting a curb cut on eighth, first and foremost, would be historical. that would definitely require an additional level of review or a new analysis. commissioner sugaya: leaving >> there is nothing that would
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explicitly forbid in the planning code for a new curbs cut to go on a street. >> it is possible to have a grudge entrance? >> all things being equal, yes. -- it is possible to have a garage entrance? >> can you can figure parking to have a garage entrance off of eith? >> there is a great differential. it would require removal of space in the basement to accommodate that. >> but you could do it? >> yes. >> thank you.
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in a lot of historic preservation projects, even with historic preservation and tax cuts, there are projects which have used existing window openings as a, let's say, doorways. we would be talking about a grudge entrance. >> based on the current proposals, we found the opening of the garage of purpose it for the building. -- we would be talking about a garage entrance. >> this has the most historic features relative to the building. >> can we override the hbc?
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>> i think you can only override this if if it requires multiple entitlements. that would be the case of a 309 or cu. >> specifically, this was regarding the ability of the project to fees and we preserve the building. also, for the building and to be complied with the secretary of interior standards. >> the review was required but their decision was only advisory.
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>> they provide a resolution and the codified their determination on the standards compliance. >> thank you. the questions to be clear, in the planning code where they allow the additional -- >> just to be clear, in the planning code where they allow for the additional housing, whether or not you'll laugh that and theyou will allow that. that is made upon advice. if there is any change to the project like that, i think it would be required to be reviewed to make that determination. that would obviously be an impact to this.
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>> i think that this can stand one day of rosh openings on the the eighth street side without losing its significance. whether or not that is what the prejudice sponsor wants to do or designs, there might be some effect as to the jewelry tenants as was stated. -- whether or not that is what the project sponsor wants to do or designs. this could be at least looked at and i would venture to say, i never thought that i would be more liberal than the preservation consultant on a project. i think that that is an alternative that could be examined and there for a leave a
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lot of the concerns that have been brought forth by the neighbors. >> i will be asking you in just a second. i am in receipt of the correspondence which you received from the investments which outlines the floor of the earlier approval allocation and the square footage and it allies the square footage and the floors involved. i would assume that that being said, staff is clear about fees that need to be paid and those are being properly assessed. >> these are being well tracked and they are triggered upon the issuance of the permit.
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as you may be aware, there has been a whole unit created for the whole purpose of the various impact fees which are being collected and distributed by the same city division. we have definitely upgraded our capability of tracking these fees and being more aware of them and make sure they are not slipping through the cracks. it will come to our attention again. it will definitely be something that we will track. >> the report is quite extensive and talks about $2.8 million in fees. also, the historical nature of one of the buildings and not of the others. i have a question, this is in regards to the parking. my understanding is this zoning
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and the to the building would allow up to 400 parking places under the existing zoning, is that correct? >> that is correct. >> we're asking for 31. these are for business owners. can you tell me about the usage? >> this will not be hourly or daily. these will be monthly. the only people using it would be those that have monthly leases. occasionally, someone might leave during the day. i want to point out that this looked at the traffic impact on decatur street on that garage. we do have a right turn only on decatur.
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this is one of the few sections of the planning code that mandates that the secretary of the interior followed this and it will be recommended. i appreciate the suggestion that by putting a garage door on eighth street, you will not eliminate the historical standards of the building. i want to point out a couple of these to you. standard number two, the removal of distinctive material. )áur'ctive materials and
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features preservation techniques. exterior alterations will not destroy the space relationships to characterize the property. i think that we have a tough time. >> thank you. i am on -- i am not an expert on historical issue. there are some other realistic things that were brought up. this is crafted very well and to the existing businesses that are viable and it is only about 25% which was won the capacity is now in use. this has to be maintained and not disrupted. if an interest had come
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through, some of these might be moved into other areas. the more realistic situation of wanting to protect the enjoyment of decatur street, this is a public street. if it is monthly parkers, one would assume that there would be no more than 31 trips in and 31 trips out as the maximum per day. that sounds like it is quite a modest intrusion on a public street as it is. this is not like any kind of our the parking would be allowed or people going to lunch would be allowed or anything like that. i think that the project sponsor can work on further modifications which was the case
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with the turnon out of decatur on 28. -- on to eight. i go buy a lot of buildings when i am going home in the evening. it is rare that someone is actually coming out of the garage. and it is not like it will be a huge number of people, i don't think. this is a good adaptive use that addresses changing business conditions where for all of the reasons stated, a lot of the previous uses are no longer viable. there is a huge demand for the right kind of office in there and i think that this will help to make it a very good mixed use
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district. there is more than enough in the office allocation. there is millions of square feet of unused office space. i am in favor of this. this is much more realistic and practical. there will probably be a lot more traffic normally. >> i think the powerful aspects in using the building as proposed, i do like be using of the smaller building for relocating tenants. there is definitely room for small business.
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to understand the decatur issue is to understand that this is not a street, this is a dead- end. the problems are quite significant even in other parts of the city such as the specific streets such as the nob hill corridor where there is access to other buildings. there are always people you don't know coming by without them really being part of the own neighborhood and i am very sensitive to that issue. i talked to mr. chief about that at lengthsm
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would this be possible except from knowing the eighth street quite well. this is a strict street and this is going right as he crossed brian, the intersection is very confusing. you have to know at a time where you are going. people know that they can only trouble in the left lane. from a historic preservation front, we had a relatively narrow bay. clearance is probably less than 20 feet. that is not easy because of making the right ankle turned
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into a garage. there are opportunities and i would like to see them sketched out and address their complaints. it would have been worth investigating in order to come to some kind of compromise and understanding what the possibilities are. people would like to see the building configured. it is possible to waive the impact.
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i want to find a way where the solution, which we are concerned about, at least has entrances. if it is not, then explain the code to me that the entrance to the parking have to be contiguous to the building to which it serves. that leaves only two opportunities which is to cater or 84 -- decatur or eigth. >> it does have a thick frontage.


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